Document Requirements

Document Requirements for the Lexus Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race in 2012


Driving or taking the bus: A valid passport is required to return to the United States, and as long as you do not stay longer than 72 hours and go no further south into Mexico than Ensenada, you are not required to get an FMM tourist card.


Staying in a slip in the Ensenada area: You will need boat registration, proof of insurance and valid passport


Racing to Ensenada in the Lexus N2E race in 2012: You will need boat registration, proof of insurance and a valid passport for every crew member.


Please note: Within Baja California, U.S. and Canadian citizens can travel as far as the port city of Ensenada without having to obtain a tourist card, provided the length of the stay does not exceed 72 hours (only for local visitors for recreational purposes). An FMM tourist card is officially required for travel further south or inland for each individual visitor, regardless of age. If your stay in Mexico is longer than 72 hours, but less than seven days, you need to obtain an FMM tourist card, at no cost to you. Visits longer than seven days also require this FMN tourist card and there is a fee for this longer stay.