2012 Commodores Race


The inveterate, the iconic, the islander…who has won innumerable races and regattas, and who has been on more projects and committees than you can count…along with his lovely crew Judy Weightman, out-sailed his competitors, most of whom were decades his junior. Carter is Commodore of Lido Isle Yacht Club.

And in second spot was Thomas Hartmann, many decades Carter’s junior, along with Roscoe Fowler, from Hawaii, now with the Newport Sea Base. Roscoe, was the youngest crew in the Transpac, when a Honolulu yacht club had an all-youth crew entry, similar to Disney’s Morning Light. Thomas is the Vice Commodore of Newport Sea Base Sailing Club. This is the first time NSBSC has participated in this event. NOSA, by the way, is a sponsor of the Sea Base.

And somewhere in between the decades is Judi Gorski, in third place. Judi is the much-loved Commodore of Balboa Yacht Club, and a good sailor; her crew was Kim McRae.

Each year, following the Annual General Meeting, NOSA sponsors this Commodores Race. Invitations are extended to the Commodores of yacht clubs and sailing organizations in the area. If the Commodore cannot race, he/she may nominate another officer to skipper. And the skipper selects another officer or member as crew.

The races are sailed from Balboa Yacht Club in Harbor 20’s. The boat owner or his/her representative must also be on board, but is not to offer advice regarding tactics or strategy. The AGM and Commodores Race for 2012 was held on July 15.

This year there was more than twice the usual number of entries. A total of 15 teams actually raced. To accommodate this field with the eight Harbor 20’s that had been borrowed, an elimination series was run. Then the top six teams raced a series of three races for the finals.

This turned out to be a great event on a sparkling clear, breezy day. Many of the participants said it was really fun sailing this event in the H-20’s, so we are grateful to the H-20 owners who lent their boats and themselves for the afternoon. Many racers also said they’d like to do it again next year.

The cast of characters who assisted in making this a very successful event included:

Pinky Greene, PRO, with assistance from Audrey Simenz and Venetia Jackman.
Becky Lenhart, BYC Sailing Administrator; Matt Stanley, Dockmaster, and his staff.
Toni Baiunco, Hospitality, was responsible for the invitations.
Lynn Drury and Venetia Jackman did check-in duty.
Susan Heinz was coordinator and administrator, and also helped on the Race Committee.
Gary Thorne, himself a H-20 sailor, arranged for the H-20’s.
David Garcia is Trophy Chairman.
Jim Jackman, Race Chairman.

Thanks to all of the above, BYC, and any others, even if not listed, who assisted. And thanks to all the racers and again, to the boat owners.

Boat Owners

Skipper Club Boat Name/Sail# Sail #
Michael Volk ALYC Lightning 81
Nina Manning WORSA Hula Girl 19
Mark Hurwitz ALYC Miss Shell 125
Rolly Pulaski NHYC Aeronca Chief 30
Joe Carter BYC Boomerang 178
Gary Thorne BYC Blue Skies 308
Phil Ramser NHYC Surprise 3

Racers and Crew

Skipper Club Title Crew
Judi Gorski BYC Commodore Kim McRae
Jon Reynolds SCYA Commodore Bob Wine
Carter Ford LIYC Commodore Judy Weightman
Ken Schoffstoll SSYC Hank Kleppinger
Besim Billman SMWYC Commodore Denise George
Jon Robinson ABYC Commodore Jeff Merrill
Tom Hartmann NSBSC Vice Commodore Roscoe Fowler
Daniel Hodge DPYC Commodore Tony Cozad
Chuck Iverson NOSA Commodore Gator Cook
Barbara Sanford WORSA Staff Commodore Leslie Riggs
Andy McVay OCCSA Commodore Toby Jackson
Frank Roberts LMVYC Vice Commodore Peter Tietz
David Collins CYC Commodore Penny Collins
Floyd Sanford ALYC Commodore Dan O’Sullivan
Scott Holcomb CBYC Rear Commodore Christy Holcomb
Patrick Shuss RBYC Commodore Dorian Norris


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